About Us

Goodwin Builders is a residential building contractor serving the Rangeley Maine Area since 1991, owned and operated by J. Randall Goodwin.

My wife MaryAnne and I have lived in Rangeley since 1984, and though we are not native to Rangeley, but we were both born and raised nearby within Franklin County.

I would identify myself most importantly as a man with a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. All of my business practices and ethics flow from my faith in God and what I believe He expects me to be.

We are very blessed to have a great family.

Goodwin grand childrenWe have been happily married since 1981 and have a daughter Adrian who has a house across the street with her husband Josh and our 2 grandchildren ; Braylon and Olivia. Adrian and her family are currently living in Neptune, NJ.

Our son James lives in Portland, but we enjoy his regular visits to partake in his moms legendary cooking and spend time with dad catching trout and landlocked salmon on our favorite river.

We enjoy growing our own food and spending time in the outdoors.. fishing, kayaking, snowshoeing and skiing among our many interests. We have also been ocean sailing for the past several years and enjoy regular trips to the Bahamas.

Building is what I seem to have been brought into this world to do. From building tree houses in my youth to designing and building my own homes to building cabinets and fine furniture or building custom homes for clients I am a builder down deep.

I get a lot of satisfaction from having a client who is extremely happy with the work we have done for them. But I can only be happy if the work we have done is the very best we can do. Commitment to the details is our strength and the backbone of our business.

I am committed to going the extra mile to communicate with our clients in a way that makes them feel involved in what we are doing for them, or simply to keep them in the loop of what’s happening on the site. Good communication is vital to ensure that clients get what they want.

The Goodwin Builders crew is a vital part of our success in building our stellar reputation for high quality craftsmanship, honesty and integrity.

We average six men on the year round crew and sometimes the number climbs to 10 or more when we are busy.

Experience is what we offer you. Several men have worked with Goodwin Builders for 10 or more years and collectively we bring decades of experience and learned skills to the job site. Our men are of the highest quality in terms of skill and character.

Rangeley Maine construction equipmentWe also have the equipment to get the job done. GBI owns a JCB articulating forklift that can lift 4 tons 42 feet high!

We also have a Genie manlift that allows men to work from a moving portable platform 45’ up in the air.